Saturday, June 21, 2014

Sometimes in life you do stupid things.  I, personally, do really stupid things and this post is evidence of it.

To make a long story short... sometimes you just have to sit back and laugh at your mistakes.  That is especially true when you find your Mistake's online dating profile and notice that he lied during your entire relationship about his height (exaggerating) but was honest about it on his dating profile.  And honestly that is just the beginning as I could pick the entire thing apart but for the sake of time and energy I will just say...the whole profile was a piece of shit and full of half-truths.

I Am a single father who loves life. I Am very easy going person who enjoys sitting at home watching a movie over going out drinking. I live to fish and own my own boat. I am looking for someone who likes some of the same things as me so we can do something we both enjoy. I like plays and opera...a couple Ihave seen in person are Rent, Cinderella, and my favorite seen at the Cadillac Palace in Chicago IL. The Phantom of the Opera. If your a Fun woman who would like to hang out and maybe go to a movie hit me up. though I do work a lot and have my daughter every other weekend I will still make tone for fun"

While being a douche and sharing his online dating profile with friends, I made the most rookie move ever and clicked on the link while I was logged into Plenty of Fish in another tab.  Anyone who uses the site knows...once you look at a profile, the user can see that you viewed them.  It took him ten days to notice upon which I got this message.  Which would be a shitty first message from anyone, but it's especially shitty because I'm sure he's thinking I'm interested in him again or I'm "stalking" him.  And quite frankly, being the one doing the stalking, sending the abusive and harassing text messages, doing slow drive-bys in my work vehicle (because I have a job related need to be on the street and in the neighborhood) might be a nice change of pace after having been on the receiving end of such behaviors for months.  But... I would never do that to another person after knowing what it is like to lay in bed and know the vehicle of someone who once sent you a video of himself holding a gun to his head because you wouldn't talk to him is on the street outside your window in the middle of the night.

The moral of the story is... don't make rookie mistakes when making fun of your exes.  And be wary of everyone you meet because a seemingly decent, though incredibly poorly written, profile might be another woman's former nightmare.


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